Adorable Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Decorating Easter eggs might be a fond memory of your childhood, but it’s a fun holiday activity to do with loved ones no matter what your age! While you probably have the general process nailed down after years of Easter traditions, your creative juices might be running low this season.

Whether you have kids you’re looking to share this fun activity with or you’re just feeling like taking a trip down memory lane, these adorable Easter egg ideas will have you decorating in no time:

Easter Bunny

Let your creativity shine by creating an Easter Bunny egg (or a whole herd)! All colorings of bunnies are possible depending on your egg and dye options, and faces can be drawn on with a permanent marker. Make some big bunny ears using wire, popsicle sticks, or felt, and try pom-poms as a cute tail.


Kids of all ages will love this one! All you’ll need for this adorable design is yellow dye and permanent markers (or paint pens!) in the colors necessary for the emoji faces. While this design is a little bit more difficult, the result is worth it!

If you’re doing this design with kids, try having them help dye the eggs and pick their favorite emoji for you to draw on.


Hit up your local baking aisle to find cute sprinkles for this egg decorating option. All you’ll need to complete this adorable design are sprinkles and glue. Sprinkles now come in tons of color, shape, and size options, so the hardest part of this design is picking out which sprinkles you’ll choose.

But be warned, while this design looks good enough to eat, make sure that your little ones aren’t tempted to bite into this glue-covered egg.


A little bit of chalkboard paint makes a plain egg into a decoration that can change its look as often as you might change your mind. Whether you want to change the look of your Easter egg every day or not at all, chalkboard-painted eggs will give your egg a unique look.

Chalkboard-painted eggs would be a fun way for kids to display their Easter-themed artwork or a unique way to count down the number of days until the big holiday!

Melted Crayons

While cute and seemingly kid-friendly, this design can be quite messy and dangerous if not done correctly. To decorate using melted Crayons, you’ll have to color on the eggs while they’re still hot from being boiled. The heat emitted from the egg will melt the Crayons and leave your design opaquely printed on the egg.

The Crayon wax might start to drip and make a mess depending on how hot the egg is while you’re decorating, so it’s important to take precaution and set up your area accordingly.

Hopefully, these adorable Easter egg decorating ideas help you decide how to design your egg this holiday season! While getting to let your inner child show while decorating Easter eggs is fun, the most important part is spending time with your friends and family.