Brandon Berger Employee Spotlight

Leasing Manager Brandon Berger has worked with SRE Group for three months, helping to make home a reality for renters. When asked about why he loves his job, Brandon says the best part is being able to provide people with a place they are proud to call home.

When he’s not working, Brandon enjoys both watching and playing sports. His favorite football team is the Ohio State Buckeyes, but he also enjoys going over to Huntington Park to enjoy a Clippers baseball game. In his free time, Brandon also loves to be around cars and spend time with friends.

Brandon is a family guy who loves spending time with his wife and two pets. He has a 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Kellin and a 12-year-old cat named Angel. Brandon has a soft spot for wildlife, as shown by his admiration of Paul Walker. Paul Walker’s efforts to save animals and help victims of natural disasters with Reach Out Worldwide inspires Brandon to make an impact on the world.

If he were stranded on a desert island, Brandon would bring a bow and arrow, lighter, and a knife. Brandon would also probably be able to survive being stranded because of his wide range of food preferences. He doesn’t have a favorite food, and is definitely not a picky eater!

If you haven’t met Brandon yet, make sure you come on in and pay him a visit!