Spring Decorating Ideas

While it might be a little too early to break out your shorts and t-shirts, there’s nothing holding you back from jumpstarting the warmer season by brightening up your apartment with some spring decorations. You don’t need to completely redecorate to make your home feel like winter is finally over. Follow these simple tips and springify your home!

Add some pops of color.

Our surroundings impact the way we feel more than we think. Drab winter colors have been keeping us down for months and it’s finally time to add some bright colors to the mix. Try switching out your dull-colored throw blanket or pillows for something bright and warming.

Add plants and flowers.

Nothing says Springtime like some plants and fresh flowers. You don’t need to purchase anything extravagant, just a few stems in a small vase should do the trick. If flowers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of plants that look great and are easy to care for like jade and aloe.

Spring Clean.

Now this might be the least exciting item on our list, but a good scrub does miracles for the look and feel of your home. Declutter your space and start the season off with a clean and organized space.

Switch out your bedding.

Switch out those flannel sheets for some crisp cotton sheets that aren’t as heavy.  

Brighten up your walls.

Hanging up photos or pictures can do wonders for a room. Consider some bright, colorful prints for those empty walls!