Best BBQ Places in Dublin

Is there anything better than tucking into steaming brisket, fall off the bone ribs, and homemade mac and cheese on a summer afternoon? We don’t think so! The only question is where to get it. There are countless barbecue places in Ohio, and all are not created equal. Fortunately, we’ve tried them all, and have come up with our favorites. Check them out!

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Powell- Ray Rays offers the quintessential bbq experience. From their slow-cooked brisket to their delicious sauces, they’re truly in a league of their own. They say that “it’s not in the sauce, it’s in your soul” and Ray Ray’s has the soul of true barbeque. Their hand-selected cuts of pork, beef, and chicken are dry-rubbed then slow-cooked in a hardwood smoker for up to 16 hours to imbue the meat with the hint of hickory and oak that only true barbeque can offer. Served with sides of original and traditional sauces such as sweet and savory, jalapeño and habanero, we guarantee you’ll be blown away, and leave licking your fingers. 

City Barbeque- City Barbeque isn’t just one of our favorites, this award-winning barbeque is generally considered some of the best in the country. The entire menu is made fresh daily, featuring slow-cooked barbeque made in a traditional hardwood smoker. Their delicious sides and desserts are made from scratch, and each one is worth trying. And don’t worry, if you have a vegetarian in the group, there’s still enough to make them happy. 

Gogi KBBQ- If you’ve never had Korean barbecue, do yourself a favor and go to Gogi immediately. Korean barbeque is a unique take on the classic American dish, featuring a delicious blend of Asiatic spices and flavors, and melt in your mouth cuts of meat. The best part? You cook it yourself! The restaurant gives you platters of meat and veggies, and you cook it on grill tops set in the center of the table. From their marinated short rip to the jaw-dropping bulgogi (a personal favorite) you and your family are in for an unforgettable evening. 

The Pit BBQ Grille- The Pit is amazing. It was created by four owners who grew up on their own home-cooked barbeque and brought their individual experiences together to create something incredible. They are dedicated to not just the food, but the unique atmosphere that makes BBQ special. They feature their very own “Pit Style Cookout” so restaurant-goers can enjoy their top tier BBQ the right way. Featuring quality, slow-cooked meats, incredible sides and, house-made sauces, you’ll be planning your next trip before you’ve reached your car. 
Legacy Smokehouse- Legacy Smokehouse is Ohio’s own little slice of Texas BBQ. Featuring traditional Texas techniques (or Texniques, as we like to call them) for slow cooking the best cuts of meat, Legacy has made something truly spectacular. Their tiny menu serves to highlight the incredible flavors they achieve with their brisket, pulled pork, turkey, and smoked sausage, and helps you decide what to get.