Top 5 Breweries Near Dublin

Dublin, Ohio is a special place. While you probably know it for Jack Nicklaus’ Country Club in Muirfield Village or for the PGA Memorial Golf Tournament, there’s plenty more that this town has to offer! In fact, Dublin is surrounded by countless spectacular breweries, bursting with delicious, creative craft beer. So check out some of our favorites below!

Nocterra Brewing Company

Nocterra should be the first stop for any beer lover. They have distilled what makes breweries great into two basic elements: Beer and Outside. At Nocterra, not only will you enjoy some of the best craft beer Ohio has to offer, but you’ll enjoy it in their absolutely stunning outdoor garden. Featuring warm fires, twinkling lights, and ample seating, it’s the perfect way to spend an evening with friends and family. 

Random Precision Brewing Company

Random Precision is a unique brewery that dares to do something different. Known for being an exclusively sour beer brewing company, Random Precision stands apart from the countless IPAs and lagers that saturate the market. Random Precision fills the glasses of their gorgeous  1,000 square foot taproom with unique flavor combinations and delicious twists on classic sour recipes. Lined with oak barrels and featuring a beautiful, clean design, you can’t miss Random Precision. 

Ill Mannered Brewing Company

Ill Mannered is the result of years of homebrewing, trial and error, and dedication. Created by a group of four friends, this nano-brewing company cranks out small batches of truly spectacular beer. They make their beer at just 186 gallons at a time, allowing them to focus on quality ingredients and incredible taste. They are constantly experimenting with new flavors and new methods of crafting the perfect brew. Their intimate taproom is lined with repurposed pallets and cedarwood planks, lending a feeling of rustic comfort, perfect for a date or a gathering of friends. 

Somewhere In Particular Brewing Company

Somewhere In Particular is an incredible brewery. Eclectic and unique, SIP is located in the historic Henderson House, the oldest standing property in the Northwest segment of Columbus. The story of SIP spans over 200 years and has resulted in the brewery you see today. Headed by brewmaster Charlie Navillus, a self-proclaimed gypsy brewer, he has brewed all over the world, from Australia to Dayton, and SIP’s beers reflect that. From their hoppy IIPAs to their delicious Sours, Somewhere In Particular is worth the trip. 

North High Brewing Company

North High is some of the best beer in Ohio. Featuring a wide selection of constantly rotating taps, there’s something for everyone here. Love a citrus IPA bursting with flavor? Rise is the beer for you. Craving a more malty ale? You should try the Cover Crop. North High is the quintessential brewing company. No gimmicks, no pretension, just good, flavorful beer.