How to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

With knit blankets, warm apple pie, and colorful leaves, what’s not to love about fall? Embrace everything you love about autumn by sprucing up your home for the season with fall decorations. Here are six décor tips to turn your apartment into a cozy comfortland this fall season from staging designers themselves. 

Add A Cozy Fall Plaid Blanket 

Infuse warmth and comfortability throughout your apartment with the addition of a seasonal blanket. Grab a fleece blanket that incorporates hues of orange, reds, or brown to reflect the autumn essence. You can even grab a popular chunky, cable-knit blanket to really spice up your rooms and make it feel even more like fall when you come home from a long day.

Hang Up a Fall Wreath

Autumn is the season of wreaths, so before you start decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, consider dressing up your front door with a DIY or store-bought fall wreaths. A fall wreath should include all of fall’s finest elements from corn husks to golden autumn hues of leaves, branches, etc. Many arts & crafts stores sell fall decor, but if you’re feeling brave, check out these DIY fall wreath ideas to leave your front porch looking cozy, festive, and decked out for fall.

Add Farmhouse Table Decor 

With the popularity of farmhouse decor growing even larger, there are so many options for you to choose from. Coffee tables can be accentuated with rustic decor- perfect aesthetic for the changing weather of fall. You can even find, or make, decor that feature rustic pine cones and evergreen branches, or combine white and orange pumpkins with candlesticks. There are endless options when it comes to making your perfect fall decor.

Swap Out Your Pillows

Nothing will transform your couch quicker than a simple pillow swap. Switch your bright-hued summer pillows out for ones in shades of orange, brown, green, and red. Throw a couple of knit or mix-and-match plaid pillows to give your living room a fall makeover. Afterward, you won’t be able to resist a day of watching movies and drinking some hot apple cider smelling a pumpkin spice candle. Head over to Target to find an endless supply of fall pillows!

Add a Fall Centerpiece 

With the arrival of the holidays you’ll likely be eating in more often, so why not enhance the tables with a fall centerpiece? The centerpiece can be bought or handmade made from fall flowers, pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, and of course, candles. All you’ll really need is a few fall elements, a tabletop, and some imagination to create something you can enjoy with every meal! To get yourself inspired, check out some easy DIY fall centerpieces from Martha Stewart using everyday home items. 

Fall Scented Candles Everywhere

As the days grow grayer and colder, you’ll need a little more light in your house to lift your spirits. Nothing smells more like sweater weather than a dimly lit cinnamon sugar candle burning away in the living room to really make your apartment feel like an autumn haven. Head over to a fan favorite store, Bath & Body Works, to check out all their fall candle scents to ready your apartment for the upcoming season. 


Whatever seasonal decor you decide to add from this list, you can be assured it will add the extra fall vibe you’ve been searching for. The beautiful colors and autumn smells emitted from pumpkins, gourds, nuts, flowers, candles, and other seasonal materials will evoke the serenity that autumn brings. Whatever you choose, it’s safe to say that your apartment will perfectly mirror the bounties of the season.