The Best Ice Cream Shops in Dublin

Summertime means endless trips to your local ice cream shop, right? While you love your local shop and you always know what you want when you go there, try branching out to other shops this summer to experience different flavors & styles of ice cream. We’ve listed out five of our favorite ice cream shops in Dublin to help you keep track of the shops you need to try out. 


Located in Old Dublin, Jeni’s always has people inside looking to order some of their favorite ice cream. Originally from Columbus, Jeni’s has now expanded to 39 storefronts in 10 major cities and eight states plus Washington D.C. With ever changing seasonal scoops and constant favorites, you’ll be sure to find a fun, unique flavor when you visit Jeni’s. One of the most well-known flavors at Jeni’s is their Salty Caramel. Be sure to stop in to try their flavors! 

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Also located in Old Dublin, just down the road from Jeni’s, is Johnson’s Real Ice Cream. Their first location was in Bexley, Ohio in 1950 and they opened their first non-Ohio location in Chicago in March of 2019. While they have store fronts, they also provide ice cream to over 300 restaurants to serve on their dessert menu. 

Dell’s Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee 

Located on Dublin Road, Dell’s is a great place to go for not only ice cream, but also coffee and tea. They have a fun item on their menu called The Dellogatto, which is a scoop of their vanilla ice cream with a shot of their hot espresso. Dell’s also serves breakfast options such as bagels and breakfast sandwiches for early visitors to pair with their morning coffee or tea. 


Kilwins is a place for those looking for all things sweet, but are unable to settle on just one thing. Offering everything from chocolate to ice cream to coffee, Kilwins is the perfect place to go when you aren’t sure what sweet item you’re in the mood for. Be sure to try their hot chocolate during the colder months! 


Originating in Cincinnati, Ohio, Graeter’s is a fan favorite of Ohioans. Having been in business for over 145 years has led to Graeter’s being one of the most well-known Ohio-made ice creams. You can find your favorite flavors here and enjoy some of their special monthly flavors. Their signature flavor is their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip which can be enjoyed in a variety of cones or a dish.