Transitioning Your Apartment from Winter to Spring

Spring is finally upon us! The birds are singing, the sun is out longer and we’re beginning to feel our toes again. Yes, winter is over, which means it’s time to throw open the windows and give your home a springtime upgrade. 

Bright colors against cool neutrals- Spring is wonderful, but it can be a bit of a challenge to decorate for. Things are beginning to bloom, but haven’t reached their peak. Some days can still be brutally cold, but others touch summer temperatures. This juxtaposition is great to mimic with your designs! Try bright colors and calming pastels over cool neutrals and simple monotones. A pop of color against a mild ice blue is the perfect representation of the beginning of spring. 

Bring the outside in with you- Spring is all about rebirth, growth and renewal. What better way to highlight that than with some plants! For the first daffodils poking their heads out of the ground, to bright tulips throughout the season, bringing plants into your home can truly make it feel like spring. 

Switch out your pillows- Good throw pillows are a cornerstone of all good interior design, but they can feel rooted in specific seasons. A quick swap of the darker patterns to something more floral and light can instantly change the feeling of a room. Try brighter colors, whites, and simple patterns to refresh your home. 

Incorporate lighter fabrics- Spring is bright, so shouldn’t your fabrics reflect that? It’s time to put away those fur pillows and blankets and bring out the linen, pastels and brighter colors. Light, airy fabrics are a perfect way to warm up to the new season. There are few better feelings than waking up to open windows, birds chirping and a cool breeze touching your cheek. 

Bring in the greenery- Beyond flowers, living plants are a fantastic way to get into the season. From a hanging Chain of Hearts to a towering Snake Plant, having some greenery in your home will make it feel like spring immediately. Just be sure to pick ones that will be happy with partial sunlight!

Spring decorating is a perfect way to clear out those winter blues and get into the new season. And, you can even do it at the same time as your spring cleaning! From light pastels to blooming flowers, it will make your home look brand new.