Living in Dublin, Ohio

Dublin, Ohio is special. Whether you look at its safety, education or amenities, it truly is exceptional. Dublin, a mid-sized city of about 44,000 people, walks the line of small and middle-sized cities well. It’s not too dense and not too sparse. There are things to do without it being overwhelming, and you’ll never be bored over the weekend. Dublin is a warm city, brimming with personality. Whether you’re looking to start a life or raise a family, Dublin is a perfect mix of metropolitan and suburban to provide something for everyone. 

Community- Dublin is safe. According to SafeHome, The City of Dublin is actually the safest city in all of Ohio. Even as the population rises, crime statistics consistently drop, year after year. Whether you’re going out for a late-night run or sending your kids off for a day of bike rides, you really don’t have to worry. In fact, the crime rate is 63 percent lower than Ohio, and  65 percent lower than the rest of the country. Dublin has also been #1 best place to raise a family in Franklin County, with an overall A+ grade from 

Amenities- While clearly a suburb of Columbus, Dublin isn’t without its charm and amenities. There’s plenty to do right in town for everyone! If you’re into the outdoors, Dublin has some incredible parks and miles of walking, hiking and biking trails. If you enjoy going out, you can do that too! We have collected some of the best restaurants in the area, from a hole in the wall type places to classic American eateries. And if all this isn’t enough, Columbus is just a short drive away. 

Education- Every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education, and in this category, Dublin shines. Dublin’s schools boast a collective 98 percent high school graduation rate, 14 percent higher than Ohio and 18 percent higher than the national average. This is due in part to the student-teacher ratio of 15:1, which is two students less than the Ohio average. This means each teacher gets to spend more time with each student, to help guide them in the right direction. 

Employment- Dublin is also exceptional for employment. The median household income is over $125,000 a year, 127 % than the national average! The unemployment rate is at 2.3 percent, half of Ohio’s 4.6 percent. Finally, the poverty level is at 2.7 percent, 12.7 percent lower than Ohio’s average. Dublin is comfortably employed, which is a key indicator when looking for a new position. 

Whether you’re interested in a safe suburban neighborhood to raise a family, or somewhere close to Columbus without all the hustle and bustle, Dublin is an excellent choice. From the fantastic schools to the clearly cared for community, there’s a little something for everyone.