Top 10 Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin is a hidden gem outside of Columbus. It mixes neighborhood quaint with up and coming metropolitan flair, and nowhere is that more apparent than in its burgeoning restaurant scene. WIth more than 100 restaurants, from hole in the wall tapas places to classic, sweeping American eateries, you’re sure to find something for everyone. We’ve gathered the ten must try restaurants in the area so you can start from the top, and eat your way through all Dublin has to offer. 

Pokebap– Pokebap is every poke lovers dream. A chef driven, Hawaiian inspired poke restaurant, their dedication to high quality ingredients, sushi-grade fish and authentic homemade sauces is clear in every dish. Ideal for a healthy lunch or a quick bite, it’s a must try. 

REBoL– REBoL cares what about what it serves, and it cares about its customers. That means offering organic, non-GMO produce, understanding dietary concerns and catering to nutritious, delicious food. Whether you’re dining in or carrying out, REBoL is a fast, medeterranian twist on the high end cafe. 

So Gong Dong Tofu and Korean BBQ– If you’ve never had Korean BBQ, do yourself a favor and book a table at SGD. This small chain originated in the Korean town of the same name, and has been bringing its legendary food across the United States. Offering authentic Korean cuisine and flavors with a small menu, this place is a necessary stop. 

Awadh Indian Restaurant– Awadh Indian Restaurant is special. If you walk in on any given day, chances are that you’ll be greeted by the head chef and owner Anand Kumar, and treated to one of the best meals you’ve ever had. Focusing on traditional Indian and Indo-Chinese cooking, this bare bones Indian restaurant lets the perfect balance of spices and flavors take center stage. 

101 Beer Kitchen– Every city needs a place like this, and 101 is a perfect example. Dedicated to good food, good beer and good atmosphere, 101 Beer Kitchen is head and shoulders above the rest. Their seasonal, chef-driven menu alone is enough to bring in the crowds, but the comfortable, warm ambiance is what makes them come back. As they say, it’s unpretentious, uncomplicated and uncommon. 

Moretti’s– Sometimes, you just want Italian. There’s something about the old world food, hearty, flavorful, and dedicated to simple recipes and fresh ingredients that does the soul well. And Moretti’s has that in spades. Their fresh made pasta, bread and other goodies are an authentic taste of the classic trattorias of old Italy. 

Harvest Pizzeria– We all agree that pizza is already incredible, but Harvest Pizzeria managed to make it that much more so. They partner with over 20 local farmers, growers and producers to source their ingredients and create the freshest, best tasting pizza in the area. 

Taco Loco– When a food truck becomes an entire restaurant, you know they’re onto something, and Taco Loco is a perfect example. Serving the classic Mexican style street tacos that their food truck became famous for, Taco Loco has added some flair with well priced drinks and an expanded, but still reasonable menu. 

NAPA Kitchen + Bar– This bright and cozy slice of Napa does brunch and cocktails right. Focusing on sharing and pairing, this Mediterranean inspired kitchen shines in the light of a lazy weekend brunch, perfect for friends and families alike. From light and bright dishes to savory and filling entreès, you’re sure to enjoy every visit.

Tucci’s– Located in the heart of Dublin, Tucci’s is a classic seafood and steakhouse. Intimate yet friendly, classic yet innovative, a visit to Tucci’s is always a treat. Whether you’re going for a romantic dinner for two, or a fun weekend brunch, Tucci’s is sure to satisfy, and impress.